Lets GO

The reasons due to which you might not have received your quest/bonus payment are mentioned below:

  1. If the payment details are incorrect / in case of bounced payments
  2. If the rider is disqualified due to fraud
  3. If the completion rate is insufficient
  4. In case of an oversight / due to a back-end error

For any confusion regarding your quest/bonus email us at letsgoatn@gmail.com

To get request notification, please follow the steps below:

On your phone, Go to settings
> According to your device select “Applications/Installed Apps/App Manager/Apps & Notification manager”
> Find Lets Go Drive App & select that
> Turn On Allow Notification, Priority & Sound notification

Set up your app properly to get ride requests by following the steps below:

On your phone, Go to settings
> Go to app settings > Press Maps > Clear cache
>In the same way, Clear Cache of Lets Go Drive app.

> Go to Lets Go Driver App and set your location by pressing GPS button on home page
> Go to Google maps app > Set your present location by pressing GPS Button
> Go to settings > Go to Google location settings > Check Lets Go driver app to use in high accuracy mode

Once all the steps have been completed, restart your Let’s go Driver app. In case the problem is still not solved, UNINSTALL the driver app and re-install the updated version it from Google Play Store.

In such cases please inform us about the issue through the app. We will check the distance covered in your ride. We will then adjust the fare and get in touch with you.

Reporting process:
Lets Go driver App> Profile> History> Select Trip Id > Report Issue> Issues with my fare> then write ride details> Submit

Or you can mail us at letsgoatn@gmail.com

To become Lets Go driver you need to have following:

1. NID
3. Vehicle Registration Paper
4. Vehicle Tax Token
5. Vehicle Insurance Paper
6. Owner NID (if not the owner of the vehicle)

If you face any inconvenience while using the Lets Go platform, please report through the app and we will look into the matter.

Or you can call us in our helpline:

You can also call our helpline:
Dhaka: +8809666797879

Please be sure to update your app to latest version. After that, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:
>Go to Setting > Apps or Application Manager/Installed app > Select Lets Go Driver App > Then press clear cache.
>Setting > Apps or Application Manager/Installed app > Google Play Service > Clear cache and Clear data and update your Google Play Service as well.
>Setting > Apps or Application Manager/Installed app >> Google Play Store > Clear cache and Clear data

Step 2:
Check internet connectivity as 3G/4G/LTE Mode

If the option (Step 1 & Step 2) do not work :

Step 3:

>Turn ON “AIRPLANE MODE” then wait for 4-5 minutes
>After that Go to home page of Lets Go drive App & press on 3 dot option (Menu) >Press Reload

Setp 4:

Once all the steps have been completed, restart your phone.

If the option (Setp 3 & Setp 4) do not work :

Setp 5:

Uninstall and then reinstall the app. If still the problem persists come to Lets Go atn Office.

you can do it with app. If you want do with our apps then follow these steps:

  1. Go to lets Go Driver app>accounts>manage our document>then select the document you want to edit.

Or you can visit in our office with proper document.

You can pay your due with your bank account.

To know the reason behind your suspension and duration, please call our helpline.
To withdraw the suspension, you have to visit Let’s Go Walk in Support.

 If you still did not find your answer please contact us in our helpline