"Let's Go" Ride Sharing Apps

About Let's Go

“Let’s Go” is an innovative transportation services provider that offers ride-sharing apps. The slogan for our company is (Nirapode cholun). Let’s Go, just like many other traditional ride-sharing apps, connects riders with the drivers with the touch of a button and features GPS tracking so that riders can see where their driver is at the moment. Simply request a ride through the Let’s Go app, and highly skilled drivers will pick you up within a couple of minutes. This ride-sharing company provides daily on-demand hire of Bikes, Cars, CNG, Microbus, Ambulances, and Rental services for inter-district transport.


Problems that we are trying to solve?

1.Transportation problems

2.Excessive expenses for transportation system.

3.Unemployment difficulties.


How do we solve this problem?

1.Let’s Go is a service that connects between the passenger and driver’s mobile based apps in their vehicles with others who need transportation.
2.Let’s Go ride sharing apps are delivering to the destination safely at the lowest cost and in the instant ride. 
3.Let’s Go ride sharing apps are working to solve the problem of unemployment.


Business Model

  • Let’s Go is a ride-sharing service provider with a mobile app-based business model. 

  • “Nirapode Cholun” is our motto, and we provide the fastest transport at the lowest cost.

  • We have apps for both Android and iOS.

  • Our strength is our honesty and diversity.

  • Since there are different companies in the current market, we are working to be competitive and customer-oriented to survive.

  • We provide 24/7 customer service and also we’re included emergency services 999 .

Better / Different

  • A good Ride Sharing Apps can make our life easy and we can enjoy hassle free comfortable life. Our main aim is to serve the people and achieve customer satisfaction. 

  • We provide 10% Commission rate (Pick Hour – Off pick Hour) for Drivers.

  • Customers can always get the cheapest price rate on rides anywhere.

  • We provide Bikes, Cars, CNG, Microbus, Ambulances, and Rental services.

  • Live Location Tracking etc.

Team Members

Let’s Go Ride Sharing has (39) Thirty-Nine dedicated full time trained professionals-

  • Management Team (5),

  • Software Support Team (10),

  • Finance & Account Department(2),

  • IT Support Team (7),

  • Business Development Team(10), 

  • Customer Care Team(5),

  • Part-time employees for Software Support Team(10) and Territory Marketing Team(8).


  • “Let’s Go” is a popular and fast-growing trusted Ride Sharing App in Dhaka city. 

  • In Bangladesh Ride Sharing App Market Competitors are- Uber, Pathao & OBHAI.

Market Size

  • As a startup Ride Sharing Company, our revenue is short.

  • Let’s Go Ride Sharing company’s revenue is increasing day by day.

What does your market validation look like?

  • Currently Let’s Go Apps has 11,021 Drivers .

  • At present Let’s Go Apps has 30,500 Users.

  • We’ve (4) four numbers of B2B clients or vendors. 

  • B2C 15,000 above

Note: Present Figure, The number is increasing day by day.

Future Planning

  • 1) All kinds of delivery Services( Food, Courier, Parcel),

  • 2) Healthcare, Hospital, Medicine and Doctor Appointment,

  • 3) Grocery items,

  • 4) Cleaning and laundry service,

  • 5) Beauty parlor,

  • 6) Home / office shifting,

  • 7) Printing & renovation,

  • 8) Helping hand & childcare,

  • 9) Entertainment & Movies.

"Thank you"