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Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman


Asian Transport Network Limited

In the age of constant advancement, dreams start to come true when we embrace ourselves with new modernization and technology. Taking control of our time, the seconds we waste in our lives, is key to make life simple, beautiful and pleasant. We can all become modern and dynamic and start taking control of this ‘time’ with just our mobile phones. Let’s continue moving the country forward. The Lets Go ride sharing service along with the Satellite TV channel ATN Bangla and ATN News I took the initiative to do something for the betterment of this country. This idea will revolution the way we compute in this country. Technology is increasing day by day the modernity is touching the modern world. So why should we stay behind? Considering how much time we spend getting around, we all can benefit using the ride sharing App. Not only that, we want to further help many to move the country forward by eliminating unemployment and becoming self-reliant. We are always working together to build rules and safe roads by working to with our agents, users, drivers and with government to prevent irregularities and corruption in the streets. As a good citizen of the country. We will work together to move the country forward and move succeed in being world class. We must coincide and innovate our ways to grow as a successful ride sharing company “Let’s Go”.

Azharul Islam

Managing Director

Asian Transport Network Limited

The company was started by the chairman of the Asian Transport Network Limited, Mahfuzur Rahman and co-founder and managing director Azharul Islam. 

Our goal is to make Bangladesh a developed country by working with everyone more efficient and advanced technology. As the world continues to evolve from modern to modern, we want the modern world to be constantly evolving and constantly evolving with the increasing improvement and creativity of new businesses. We too are committed to building a developed country together as partners in this progress.

Bangladesh has now advanced in technology but there are still many problems, we have to overcome them. Considering the need to reduce traffic congestion, save time, ensure employment, improve public safety on the road and protect the personal safety of our customers, we have come up with a mobile based ride sharing app “Let’s Go” which will benefit customers and car owners.

Connect within one minute and you’ll be able to reach your destination safely using the “Let’s Go” app. You can even rent a car from the “Let’s Go” app for long trips. At the same time you can earn extra money by renting when the cars are not in use. Let’s Go aims to increase new employment and ensure travel services.

The Let’s Go app has been developed after months of strategic planning based on what customers want and its analysis, and the “Let’s Go” app has already been launched in 64 districts of Bangladesh. “Let’s go” allows ride sharing services for all classes of people. I hope users of the “Let’s Go” app will benefit from the service and generate a positive response.

Moniruzzaman Monir


Asian Transport Network Limited

Going to work with people to think for people how to increase their opportunities to have a better life, that is why we have thought further with the service of Transport Company.  Starting to Let’s Go ride-sharing company, I have found a lot of potential in it and it’s moving our whole country forward.

Ride-Sharing company has made many significant changes to the transport system in Bangladesh.Every sector of our life is depending on modern technology. Ride sharing service will be more useful for us day by day. Especially when we adding mobile app technology with it, it gets much handier.

I think sharing ride also reduces tension and traffic congestion, something that benefits all of us. All kinds of people can enjoy the benefits from it.

Not only will you be saving.It may you will also help reduce the costs we all pay towards the construction of new roads, road maintenance, and air pollution-related health costs.

We must think of different innovations and ideas grow as a successful ride-sharing company Let’s Go

Who we are?

Let’s go ride share apps is a transport service provider, by the business which is more like, similar to Uber, Pathao and Shohoz and so on. Our tag line is (Nirapode cholon).Our aim is  to simplify and resolve day to day needs while making life easier and efficient. We want to take care of your daily needs so you can use your valuable time properly. Let’s Go Apps can be great solution like many other developed cities. Bangladesh is now also experiencing the excellent service of ride sharing for a couple years.


Empowering our customers to make better, faster decisions that will help us prosper and grow of our country. We have managed to gain the trust and respect from our clients and Long-term relationships and happy customers have always been one of our main goals.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in solving transportation problems in Bangladesh.

Our Clients

The target customers are apps users, drivers and agents for 500 to 5,00000 employees who want to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs. Specifically, we specialize in providing customer services as well as drivers also on office processes such as tracking, training, giving bonus, getting the most out of meetings, leadership, financial or hiring best practices, and other needs relevant to potential customers who serve in a management role within small or large organizations that may be bogged down by processes experts with little leadership experience.



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